Schärfe ist unsere Leidenschaft
Schärfe ist unsere Leidenschaft
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Fine polishing machines

Fine polishing machines are used for surface finishing to improve the product quality.

It can be done in a dry, fat or wet procedure. The grinding marks are narrowed, little mistakes or unevenesses removed and the surface is compressed and on the other hand the image is embellished. The compressing reduces corrosion of the steel.

Our plane fine polishing machines are matting lengthwise the surface of the blade. They can also deburr the edges and it is mostly used for industrial knives like spatulas or sharpening steels.

The wet and fat fine polishing machines are enhancing the appearance of the blades. It is important for Chef's knives to increase the resistance against acids during cooking. The regrinding procedure also improves the cutting quality. A high number of pocket knives and hunting knives are refined as well to prevent damage during outdoor use.